Resurrection Cleanse

Sounds crazy right? I practice Ashtanga Yoga and in dedication to my practice and the Spiritual meaning of Lent as a foundation in my life, I have decided to journey through a 40 day cleanse. I will be juicing with my favorite  awesome green juice for three days Wednesday the 13th through Friday the 15th and then adding a 80/2o raw diet into the mix along with a Yogi soup I developed when I did a cleanse last year. The Cleanse is meant to resurrect the digestive system and return it to a healthy balance. Our teacher Diana Christianson, at Pacific Ashtanga Yoga in Dana Point always starts the new year with a “Clear Your Clutter” mind set and this extends to our bodies as well as minds (and the corners of our closets!) I will start posting the cleanse tomorrow…. as for today I am on my way to Whole foods to get the vegetables that I need for my juice . My garden gives me plenty of crisp organic parsley and lemons but I will need cucumbers, fresh ginger root , celery and kale. Join me tomorrow and maybe follow along so I can post that “WE” will need these things (:


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