Love BIG today!

The funny thing about cleansing with a juice fast is that if you can just forget about eating for awhile you feel really good. Day two is always a bit harder because your tummy is rumbling but I decided to distract myself and hike the ridge line with Rowdy Dog. What a gorgeous day! If I had brought my phone there would be a picture to show you. From the very top point above my house you can see the ocean, simply glorious. Anyway my mind always wanders on my walks and today I was pondering the shadow that I cast when I walk.I am happy because it is smaller than it used to be. I can remember two years ago looking at my shadow on the sidewalk and thinking (” am I that wide, really?”) . True story!

of course that leads me to the important shadow we cast, the one that really matters. Am I leading a BIG enough life to  cover everyone I love. I have spent so much time in obligations to people other than my immediate family that I truly appreciative the time I have right now to spend loving myself, my husband, my children and my grand baby  So I guess my Valentines message to  you all has nothing to do with juicing today but with loving today. Love BIG today, cast a Big shadow and cover everyone you love with it. Lent is all about God’s love for us.The biggest shadow of all had to be the one Jesus cast for all of us as he  hung nailed to the cross. Let God’s love cover you today and everyday.

John 3:16

” For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son,that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and much Love to all, time for my juice.




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