Day 7 …but who’s counting ?

Day seven and some of the side effects of food detox have set in. I have been feeling kinda of like I have the flu, which is a common side effect of this diet. I use the word diet but I don’t want to as this is not about weight loss. Weight loss is a good side effect of all this but when I started on this Resurrection cleanse it was with the intent to renew myself spiritually and physically during Lent.. I will need a lot of Godly perspective to keep at this for the next 33 days!

It is so easy to fall into old habits, as Henry David Thoreau said, “Things do not change, we change.”

One small change a day right?  As I work on clearing all types of clutter in my life, today I tackled my closet. I went through it the first time and pulled out shoes and clothes that I had not worn in the past five years. I felt pretty good about it and my closet looked much better too but  then I remembered that the principle I was working on was “anything I had not used in the last six months!!


I went back in and six XL trash bags later I was done…… until I remembered that shoes counted. Two more trash bags later and I am pretty sure that will do it.  Time for a juice break and then tomorrow the kitchen pantry and cabinets!






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