19 Days of Cleansing and Menupause

Yes it has been 19 days of cleansing and detoxing ..wow! I really do feel great. I would say the hardest part is dealing with other people’s hang ups about cleansing & raw food. Everyone has an opinion, usually negative. Why do people react like I am judging them? I am doing something different but it is about me. The whole cleanse started as a commitment for Lent. I wanted to achieve something significant at the end of forty days. I have done given up sweets, alcohol, saying the “f” word, being negative, and whatever else I judged myself on over the many years of Lenting but they did not seem BIG enough this year for me. Instead of deprivation I am looking for inspiration hence the resurrection cleanse.

So my question today is why do people get so emotional about other peoples choices? They must think that they need to change too. Why else? I am shining a spotlight into my own health and if that inspires you to try something new today that is great, if not, and you just think I am wacky well then your right about that too! The cleansing starts as physical but rapidly becomes emotional. I am very attached to food! I love being a chef! I love creating menus and feeding people. I have enjoyed an amazing identity as Chef Cathy but my life changed very suddenly in last month when I was told that I no longer had a job in my kitchen at What A Dish. I was devastated and delighted at the same time. I have other projects that I want to work on but I was not ready to let Chef Cathy go yet…I wanted to do it on my time not someone else. the truth is this.. God knows what he is doing and I need to get my Self out of the way and by self I mean EGO.

I am so much more than the kitchen and food. I am a wife, mom, friend,rowdy dog walker, yoga loving, spinning lady with so many joys in a day it makes me laugh out loud! I coined a new word today for my new found freedom…Menupause…. and that makes sense to me and I am having fun with it. 



7 thoughts on “19 Days of Cleansing and Menupause

  1. Love it, Cath! Sometimes when a person does good things – a cause, volunteer, healthy choices, etc., – it illuminates what other people are NOT doing. It’s not right or wrong, good or bad, it just IS. I admire your commitment to your own body and what you are learning from it.

    When I went through cancer, a lot of people were “oh how horrible” and frankly, the disease IS horrible – but I chose to view it differently. What is God teaching me? What new awareness am I overlooking? Where is my faith? Show me, Lord, how to use it as a ministry. I never once said “why me?” because, heh, why not?

    Although I’d much prefer doing a cleanse than chemo (smile!), I am grateful for all the lessons, big and small. And I am grateful for YOU.



  2. Love it!!!! I can’t wait till I can try a cleanse! And, don’t let others judgements get you down!!! Ps. You are always Chef Cathy – it’s doesn’t matter where or what you cool – it’s always the best!!


  3. I don’t think you’re crazy. I think you’re inspiring. Every morning I have juice instead of coffee and share it with the man and the dog. You’ve made 3 people ( well, two and a dog) healthier already!
    We love you! Keep it up!


  4. You are such an inspriation! When one door closes another one opens – I can’t wait to see where your second chapter leads you – somewhere you can’t even imagine! I love following along!


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