Recipe for the last salad post!

somehow the recipe I attached dropped off on my last post!

I bought everything at whole foods, including the wine and beer we are drinking!

Grocery list, amounts will vary according to how many people you are feeding.

smoked salmon or the alder wood smoked salmon spread in the fish department.


heirloom tomatoes

spring mix or arugula

olive mix from the deli section

free range organic eggs

baby potatoes, Weiser Farm if they have them!

Pretzel rolls from the bakery

Irish Cheddar cheese

Pre made vinaigrette but only if  if you are not making my citrus vinaigrette from a previous post I did.

The night before; Boil the baby potatoes until tender, put into a storage bowl and toss with 1/2 cup of the vinaigrette. Refrigerate until the next day,

Deviled Eggs: boil one egg per person

Best foods mayo, Dijon,salt, pepper, celery seed, chives

put the eggs in a pan and cover with cold water. add i tsp. salt. bring to a boil and then cook for ten minutes. Set the timer if you have to..

Once the eggs are done pour off the hot water and cover with cold water to cool. when you can handle them peel off the shell, rinsing with cold water as you go to remove all shell pieces. Cut the eggs lengthwise in half. set the white aside. mash the yolks with a bit of mayo to get a rough mix then add in a dash of Dijon. continue to add mayo and Dijon to the amount of yolks you have cooked until you get a nice smooth consistency. add the salt& pepper to taste. sprinkle celery seed and chives over the top to garnish..

Plate the salad on your prettiest plates and garnish with the deviled eggs,a pretzel roll and a wedge of cheddar. CHEERS!



2 thoughts on “Recipe for the last salad post!

  1. Cathy I want to know if u still do catering. I am having a surprise 60th birthday party for Brian my husband on Sat March 30 at 6PM(the day before Easter) at my son Bryans house in Mission Viejo,Canyon Crest. Can u please let me know asap. Thanks so much and your grandson is so adorable. Clare Kretzmer my cell is 949 533-1560 I want to do a buffet.


    1. Hi Clare,

      I am so sorry I am just seeing this. I am just figuring out how to work this blog. Call me on my cell tomorrow if you are still looking for help. My # is 949-338-2080.

      Hope all is well and your grandbabies are so precious.



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