Weekend Garden Project

There is not a lot of things better than growing your own food. Going to the backyard and picking fresh produce to have for your meal. I love having my green juice ingredients right in my backyard!

My hubby and I have had a garden in our back yard for about 5 years. Scott has a green thumb to say the least! He was a horticulture major at U.C. Davis when we met and had a landscape design company for the first ten years we were married. We have had a few good years and a couple bad so this year we decided to build raised redwood planter boxes. We figured out that the increased space and better soil would give us double the vegetables we had been getting and  they would also better quality. I found the planter box idea in a Sunset Gardening magazine ” Small -Space Edible Gardening”.

Page 32 gave us detailed instructions to make one 8×4 box. It was not quite as easy as the directions said( Go Figure) but we managed to get four boxes built on Saturday( and we did not have to use one as a coffin to bury the other who did not survive building together!) The bliss of partner projects!! Any way I have attached pictures of the finished boxes and I planted my tomatoes Sunday. I will share the rest as we go along and also all of the beautiful recipes I will make from our produce. I will be planting Japaneses eggplant, cucumbers, watermelon radishes, peppers( hot and sweet), leeks, kale, lettuce, arugula. squash, cilantro, chives,and baby carrots. All of my seeds come from Seeds Of Change. They are heirloom seeds and are No GMO! We filled the planters with and organic vegetable soil mix from a large soil supplier in the area.

As long as you have two drills, one for pre drilling the screw holes and then one ready to put in the screw, you will be fine. Also our neighbor Todd gave us a great tip for drilling in wood screws” rub the screw with wax first, they went in like butter! happy gardening ♥



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