Every Hour is a Happy Hour

I spent tonight with my daughter enjoying a refreshing drink I mixed up with some ingredients from my local Whole Foods! We both looked at each other with delight after the first sip! Enjoy this tasty and crisp cocktail to kick off the Spring season!

What you will need:


1 cucumber

1 Meyer lemon

Bottle of LAMBRUSCO DELL’EMILIA BIANCO White Wine or any crisp white winewinelabel

Bottle of Thatcher’s Organic Artisan Liqueur Cucumber

liqueur label

Bottle of Adam Seger’s Bar Keep Swedish Herbs Organic Aromatic Bitters


To Mix:

Drop 2 ice cubes in glass, add 3 shakes of the bitters, add 1 jigger of Cucumber Liqueur and top with the LAMBRUSCO wine.

Give it a quick stir and add 2 slices of cucumber along with a squeeze of lemon!

Sit back and Enjoy!



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