Be a Little Bonkers this weekend! Give away your smile as often as possible!ible.

If you are following along on my blog then you know I am dedicated to my Ashtanga yoga practice. As much as I love the actual practice , the intensity and joy it brings, I love my teacher the most! Diana Christianson is one of those people that just “beams”. From the first day I walked into her Shala I felt connected to her. Today I have to share a bit of our weekly conference that Diana starts every class with.

One of her three quotes that she shared today from “Alice in Wonderland”

Alice: ” do you think I’ve gone around the bend?”

The Mad-hatter: “I’m afraid so. You’re mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are,”

When I think of the people I like to spend time with they are usually the ones that don’t take life so seriously! They can laugh at themselves and make me laugh at myself. I always feel so much better when I share a good laugh with a friend or my kids or my husband.

I am reading a book right now called “Living with the Heart of a Budda” and one of the mental images in the book is to imagine parts of your body as a smile. So when you close your eyes to meditate on a certain part of the body you see that body part smiling. Think of your belly area. Most people spendlotsof time not liking their bellies but If you picture a smile forming from hip bone to hip bone you can actually draw more breath into it. This increases the cleansing of the internal organs…. plus it just makes me smile!

so much of what I am learning in my Practice is about opening up our bodies. We spend a lot of time hunched forward, closing our shoulders around our hearts. If  instead,we pause and open up the shoulders, drop them down our spine and extend the chest  with a deep breath it immediately opens our hearts and lifts our spirit. I have tried to share wisdom with my children as they have grown but the best advice i can give is to give your smile away. Everyday!

A Lot!

You will feel better and the people you smile at and with will feel better too! Better yet, share a great big belly laugh.



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