Food Network video

My first Food Network video!
We filmed in January and this aired Tuesday night for the first time. So fun to share this with you all!


4 thoughts on “Food Network video

  1. Hey Cathy,
    Just got to watch your episode of chopped out here in Afghanistan thanks for posting it. Congrats on making it on the show and making it to the second round. Personally I think you should have made it to the dessert round (not a fan of Chef Jason). Now all I can think of is good gourmet food and all of your recipes. Cant wait to get home and cook my own food. Looking forward to your cook book as well!


    1. Hi Jayson.
      Thank you for following along with me and I appreciate your Chopped support! I was disappointed not to get to the next round!! Ugh I would gave crushed those dessert ingrediants. Are you in our military?


      1. Yes im in the Army National Guard im deployed with a MEDEVAC unit out here in Afghanistan. I’ve believe we have only met once before but you know my wife Teddi. She’s the one who told me about your chopped episode.


      2. Teddi! One of my favorite people. I will hold you in my prayers and congratulations on the new baby!! When you get back I will cook for you and the family(:
        Thank you for your service to our country. God Bless You!


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