Life is One Big Complicated Recipe To Be Savored.

I have been on blog-cation. It started out that I was crazy busy with a bunch of summer cooking classes & catering and escalated into a real vacation with my husband.

Came home on a Saturday and Monday morning one of my dear friends passed away. Jamie was 34 years old and had been cooking with me for 8 of the past fifteen years. When I had my first store front and then my first restaurant she was right beside me, working crazy hours between school, catering and the restaurant. Her death made me think about her life and what she always gave to others. 150%. always. no other way.

This was Jamie’s recipe the way I know it and tasted it all of the days we worked together:

In a very large heart add:

unlimited friendship, pure & unselfish, hers was organic.

toss in:

an equal mix of loyalty, hard work ethic & the ability to sustain long hours without complaining.

combine  with a huge dose of laughter, sarcastic wit and self- deprecating humor.

simmer all of this together with many days & nights of

catering catastrophes (especially the lemon tart fiasco), cooking together, managing staff, outlandish events, Jack Daniels, camaraderie, friendships, family adventures,  hard endings and new beginnings.

Jamie’s recipe is like all of our own  recipes but hers ended too short and I will miss her very much.

Today write out what you want your life to be and how you want to live it. If it does not bring you or others joy then rewrite it until you find the best mix for yourself. I hope it contains as much friendship and laughter as my time with Jamie did.

Thank you my  friend for all that you shared with me and all that you let me share with you.

I am a better person because of our friendship. Peace.


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