Every Day is an audition for the change happening in your life

Life is about energy and energy is always moving therefore change is a constant in everyone’s life. This is a difficult thing to embrace because we are programmed to be dependable and stable. The conflict arises because energy can not be stable, the only thing we can rely on is that it changes.When you want to make change and it is hard for you then you have to exert great energy, mentally and physically. People you trust, people in your circle of life will try to get you to stand still:  for instance, maybe you have a secret dream to be a chef and everyone tells you that it is ridiculous, you can’t make a living, ” you crazy, your too old, your a successful lawyer, doctor, broker…..your too old( again)… Blah blah blah….
Don’t listen (Very hard, takes great effort!), open your ears and heart to whatever your inner voice is telling you to reach for. You don’t have to quit your job or forget your responsibility but you could sign up for a cooking class, experiment with new food, plant a pot with fresh herbs, something to move and change. Keep up with the changing energy in your life. I think that is what keeps people vital and young. It is the refusal to be flexible mentally that ages people. I embrace my yoga practice not just because my body is more flexible but because moving into a pose is so much like life. A pose can be looked at just like a life obstacle. You might not be able to get into it at first but as you keep moving into the resistance you will start to find a way into the pose. My Guru, Diana from Pacific Ashtanga, reminds us what her Guru repeated everyday ” Practice. Practice.Practice.
So my equation for 2014 is going to be very simple.
Life Energy+ Dedicated Practice= Constant Change.

Oh and………….. Gratitude + Joy = Happiness.



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