Are you ready for some Whole30?

Okay so now you know I am a football mom!

I am hoping that while I was away this weekend you have cleaned out your cluttered pantries and decided to follow along. If your not sure yet you have a few more days to get ready. A couple ideas about starting the plan. Unlike what many people are doing on paleo, do not modify the plan to fit your old lifestyle. I say this because people keep trying to keep their old habits with a new eating plan.. that does not work. You will not see results if you start baking with Almond flour instead of wheat flour.. The solution is to clean your digestion with whole foods. I have a client who started eating paleo and gained weight. She started baking snacks( with healthy ingredients now, nothing refined or white) but it was too many empty calories. Sugar is still sugar! It  comes in so many forms that it takes extra effort to chase it down and get rid of it..think of sugar as kitchen termites, almost invisible but capable of lots of damage!

The pantry list is really great that the book provides and I bought most of it. I have really enjoyed using all of it in a variety of different ways. Even a seasoned chef like me can learn new  kitchen tricks!

I am a Whole foods junkie because they have so many of the products I trust in one place. So go shop and tomorrow I will write about the good fats we are going to eat ♥


MY husband and son, after Scotty was drafted by the New York Jets!


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