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Peach & Habanero BBQ sauce

The best way to glaze a Ham for your Easter celebration! It is worth the effort and Peaches are early this year and in the Markets !


I love savory spicy BBQ sauce especially if it is made with Masumoto Peaches.



Our friends Cindy and Ed Beck shared their tree with us!Image

Masumoto Farms is an organic peach farm near Fresno in Northern California. It has been in his family for generations.

Mas and his peaches, as well as his two books are delicious. Epitaph for a Peach and Wisdom Of the Last Farmer are absolutely two of my favorite books. His connection to his family and land are awe-inspiring!

Mas and his family share their heirloom peaches with a select group of people who adopt an heirloom peach tree for the year and then get the opportunity to pick from the tree over the course of two weekends in late July and Early August…My husband and I went with the Beck’s two years ago & their tree was right next to the Whole Food tree. 

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