Have A Spring Fling That Turns Into A Summer Romance

Crazy thing to suggest? come on be Frivolous, “I love that word” ♥

 I am talking about your garden, which could be a few planter boxes or a small container & if your blessed by the garden Gods then you have a big area to plant. It doesn’t  matter as long as you get fresh vegetables from your garden to your plate. …..Home Grown and Kissed by the sun.

Today I tore out our winter garden, which was on its last leaf. Our winter weather has been having serious mood swings from hot to cold to windy to hot and I think we will be baking by the end of the week and not in my kitchen~!

Take the rest of May to plan out what you would like to try. One of my favorite suggestions to my clients is to start out with a container garden. A salsa garden to be exact. Using a 2 gallon container ,of any sort ,plant a one tomato plant of your choice. add a jalapeno plant and some cilantro seedlings….. in 30 days you will have the great start to awesome fresh salsa. Your local garden center will be glad to help you with this project and I can guarantee that you will eat up the results.

We have four 8′ X 4′ planter boxes and a dozen different container combinations. One of my favorite is a lime tree that I co- planted with french tarragon. The tarragon loves the shade of the lime tree and  I am always finding them tangled up together. The romance of the two flavors rubbed onto roasted Chicken is sublime!


Companion planting makes so much sense, right? Especially if it is something that you use over and over.






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