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Bodacious Buns


To have bodacious buns you have to put in a little work. It might be easier to crack open a can of pre made cinnamon buns, you might have even convinced yourself they are just like  homemade but lets face it, they are not even close!

Burn off a few calories making them, maybe put in an extra yoga or spin session and gobble them up on Easter morning. Your family will taste the difference and these will become a family tradition. I will not go on a rant about how disgusted I get by people that use  the phrase ” Its just family”…… really ? Treat them to these absolutely delicious, sticky, bodacious cinnamon rolls, throw in a mimosa and you will have a smiling, lip smacking, happy family♥

Prep the rolls one or two days ahead of the day you want to gobble them up, wolf them down or savor the spicy…

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New computer so I can finally blog again!

photo (32)

I kicked my old computer to the curb this week… took me forever because I had to do the file transfer and I thought I lost everything when  everything went black! Yikes..

I am going to kick some old habits to the curb too. Starting with beating myself up for not blogging more often.. Have a great Thanksgiving and make a batch of cinnamon rolls for your family… you will find the recipe  in the archives:

they will worship you!!