Model Meals Kitchen

somewhere between” taking time off of the commercial kitchen” quote and August 2, 2015 my friends, Danika Brysha, Camille May and I started a meal delivery business, Model Meals. Yes, my blogging was non existent while we got up and running.  I miss writing about all of the exciting and passionate people and food I meet so …..

Fast forward to this morning at The Santa Monica Farmers Market. up at 5:00 am to make the trek up there with out traffic. A stop at Bulletproof Coffee to start the day….. time to go over our menu and Farmer notes, just in case there are changes in what the Farmers bring to market. This happens a lot because… nature likes to have the last laugh!  California has an abundance of amazing crops and…. heat, drought, fires, earthquakes.. so crops change frequently.

Menu for this week:

menu 06.29.16

all of our food is produced without refined sugar, flours, gluten, legumes,alcohol and dairy. Our kitchen follow the guidelines of the Whole30 plan. This plan is designed to see what foods make you feel good or bad. The Whole30 is designed for a 30 day re -boot but after the 30 days you start to add in foods to see which ones cause inflammation for you.

It varies greatly for everyone but the common factors that we see over and over are sugar and gluten.  Sound familiar?

Take a peek at our website for free recipes and videos as well as Farmer notes and menus.








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