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Resurrection Cleanse complete

Wow! I made it.. forty five days of juicing, raw food and an 80/20 diet of raw vs. cooked food.

I expected to have some big  mind boggling insights from this but that did not happen. Instead I had little bits revealed over the whole forty days. The biggest revelation was that it is okay for me to “pause”. When I had a desire to eat something not included in my scope of the cleanse I just paused and let it settle for a minute. (BTW  I had quite a few pauses). Many peeps have asked where I got the cleanse diet from. It was a compilation of the raw food diet book I have already posted for you, my yoga teacher’s suggestions and my knowledge as a chef. I cut out all processed food, if it came in a package produced in a factory, I did not eat it. I increased my raw food intake significantly and added many fruits that I had stayed away from before, carrots too! By cutting out all Cow dairy products and only ingesting a very limited amount of sheep or goat cheese I believe I really go to the root of some intestinal problems I had. Cow milk is so much harder for the body to digest than the other milks…but by far my biggest truth was this, nothing is impossible….. nothing!

 This was not about weight loss for me this time, although most people assume that. This was about testing myself and adding the discipline to the rest of my habits. I have had some great changes in my body and mind from this cleanse and I encourage anyone who is stuck  either physically  or mentally, to see where you can make small changes to help yourself. No one person will ever care more for you than you.. That is a fact. God gave us one house to live in and the Spring cleaning I did in my body has made me feel lighter, more energetic and more connected to my whole self. You can’t practice yoga and not engage the mind, body & your soul. It would not be Yoga in the true sense of the practice, at least not my Ashtanga Practice. 

I leave you with one last thought from Thich Nhat Hanh ” Enlightenment, Peace and Joy will not be granted by someone else, the well is within us.”

Enjoy yourself today and if it is Easter vacation week for you  go out and do something fun!!